The Envelope Method Modernized

Today the Moneyboss Blog Is going to help you modernize the tried and true envelope method! We’re going to discuss 2 ways to bring the envelope method into the 21st century so you can use your debit card(s) without carrying around tons of envelopes filled with cash!...

3 Budgeting Myths Busted

Let’s debunk 3 of the most common budgeting myths and set you on the path to better personal finances and a healthier relationship with your budget!

The Moneyboss Blog is Launching Soon!

Hello Moneyboss! I'm Carlotta Thompson and this is the Moneyboss blog! Here I will be sharing with you the best financial tips, tricks and knowledge I have to help you create the financial life you've always wished for. If you haven't already consider joining The...

Hello Moneyboss!

Welcome to the MoneyBoss Blog!  I’m Carlotta Thompson and I created the Moneyboss Blog to help spread financial literacy to the masses! 

My goal is to help you save as much money as possible. So you can spend it on the things you want, crush your debt and live a financially free life. 

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