Tax Strategy Implementation VIP Package

As a former IRS agent, my opinion is that the reason so many businesses fail is because they are paying too much in taxes.

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Are you overpaying the IRS?

Are You Overpaying Taxes ? 

I have witnessed small business owners hire the best accountants and best tax lawyers, however at the end of an audit, they have left with a tax bill so large that it shuts down their entire business.  

Unfortunately, most small businesses overpay their taxes so much that it makes it impossible for their business to survive. 

How Can I Pay Less Tax?

Most small business owners do not know how to effectively manage their personal finances, let alone those of their business.

They do not understand how to pay less tax and why the accountant they hire is critical in making that happen.

And they don’t grasp the importance of shifting the conversation from “how much tax do I owe for last year” to “how can I pay less tax next year”.

Are you overpaying the IRS?
Tax Strategy Implementation
Tax Strategy Implentation

As the owner of the nation’s first accounting firm to offer clients tax strategy and implementation with our team of tax strategists and financial coaches, I focus on helping small business owners put more money in their own pockets through “audit-proof” accounting.

We emphasize proactive, not reactive, strategies that are lacking at most of America’s accounting firms.   

Tax Strategy Implentation

Our most popular program is our VIP Package.

This program is designed for small businesses generating at least $200k up to $50M.

We create a tax strategy plan for you and implement and infuse that each month into your bookkeeping, tax prep and CFO services creating a holistic approach to help you pay the least taxes legally possible.

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